Laundry drying al freso in Durgerdam

Discover Durgerdam

Time passes at a gentler pace in the misty, watery world of Durgerdam. Just one street meanders along between the lake’s edge and the marshland, passing by 17th century gabled houses, a turreted church and tall grasses that soften the shore – this little hamlet is sheer coastal escapism. 

Glinting under a huge sky, punctuated by wooden pontoons that jut out into the water, the IJmeer lake is where yachts cruise by from the sailing club, and historically the fisherfolk of Durgerdam cast their nets. It feels like a million miles from the bustle of city life – the reality is just 15 minutes from Amsterdam – yet your shoulders drop, fresh air surrounds you and somehow life feels simpler and more relaxed. 

Waterfront terrace at Restaurant De Mark

On sunny days, relax by the lake, sunbathing on a wooden jetty as the locals do – maybe today will be the day you go for a wild swim in IJmeer’s refreshing waters.

Uncover De Durgerdam’s lively history – your hotel was once a thriving inn called the Prince on Horseback that welcomed everyone from sailors on the East India Trading route to prince’s such as Prince Hendrik, the husband of Queen Wilhelmina. 

Pears for sale in Durgerdam
Typical Durgerdam house facade
Cows in rural sweet spot Durgerdam

Discover the maritime myths from Durgerdam’s past – like the tale of the fishing father and his two sons who were set adrift on an ice shelf returning two weeks later, only to tragically perish.

Admire the rows of wood-clad fishing houses, painted in milky whites and aqua hues as per tradition – the story goes that they were used as moonlit beacons for returning sailors. 

Feel immersed in Durgerdam’s all-natural topography, where tall grasses and reeds wave in time with the rippling laundry. 

Idly watch the masts of yachts and boats intersperse the horizon alongside the iconic silhouette of the church, creating a fusion of old and new.  

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