Best Luxury hotels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the greatest cities in the world. And luxury hotels in the city have never failed to meet the expectations of its visitors. The abundance of luxury hotels there offers something for everyone. From luxury rooms and suites with five-star amenities and amazing canal views to Michelin-starred gastronomic experiences, these luxury places make sure that your Amsterdam visit is extraordinary.

For a luxury vacation like no other, consider booking a room at one of the many beautiful luxury hotels in Amsterdam.Whether it's relaxing at a spa or exploring the city, luxury hotels in Amsterdam will make all your dreams come true.

One of Amsterdam's luxury hotels worthy of particular mention is Hotel de l'Euorpe: established in 1881 and located on the banks of the Amstel Canal, this iconic venue is sophisticated and luxurious with its classic yet contemporary facades providing an extra touch of glamour. Located right on the Amstel river with its luxury spa, pool and Michelin star restaurant provide a unique experience of luxury and classic Dutch elegance. 

The legendary Waldorf Astoria definitely impresses. With its luxurious suites, fantastic cuisine and impressive leisure facilities, the historic property is one of Europe's most iconic luxury destinations. Located in the heart of this historic city, Waldorf Astoria offers guests the ultimate in comfort and indulgence. From marble bathrooms to top-notch on-site restaurants, Waldorf Astoria provides its guests with a five-star experience they won't forget. Rooms are spacious and elegantly designed, and their service is perfect. Whether you come to see the city’s iconic sights or just enjoy a little relaxation time, Waldorf Astoria will not disappoint.

Sofitel Legend The Grand should be at the top of everyone's luxury hotel requirements. This 5-star distinctive hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Amsterdam—with its building dating back to 1578—but it certainly hasn't lost its ability to provide a luxurious experience. Sofitel Legend The Grand is part of the authentic Dutch culture but also offers modern amenities (think flat screens in rooms and heated indoor pool). So if you're looking for an unforgettable break with a unique combination of Dutch elegance and modern comfort, head to Sofitel Legend The Grand, you won't regret it!

For those looking for the ultimate luxury hotel experience in Amsterdam, hotel twentyseven is an ideal choice. Known for its panoramic city views of the dam quare, hotel twentyseven provides the perfect ambiance to relax while taking in the scenery of the city center. From chic designs that reflect the city’s unique vibes to outstanding service, hotel twentyseven has all your vacation needs covered. Even better, its conveniently located in the heart of Amsterdam. So if you're looking to have a luxurious time in this vibrant and beautiful Dutch city, hotel twentyseven is certainly worth considering!

However, if you're looking for the best luxury hotel in Amsterdam, look no further than De Durgerdam. Located just a stone's throw away from Amsterdam city center, De Durgerdam offers everything you could want in a small luxury hotel. From world-class dining to luxurious accommodations, De Durgerdam is sure to make your stay in Amsterdam unforgettable. So what are you waiting for? Book your stay at De Durgerdam today!