Quirky Durgerdam

Quirky Durgerdam is like the breath fresh of fresh air you didn’t realise you needed. Whether it’s the enchanting lake views, its lingering maritime legacy, the line of charming clapboard houses in misty hues or opportunity for time in nature, there’s something rather addictive about Durgerdam. While you’re here, feel free to roam – here are a few tips to guide you.

Our Picks: Things To Do

  • Enjoy the trappings of rural life with a visit to an authentic ‘Melktap en Boerderij Winkel’ otherwise known as a Milk Tap and Farm Shop. For a bucolic experience, cycle five minutes inland from De Durgerdam and stop by the milk tap to help yourself to fresh, creamy milk straight from the cow – just don’t forget to bring some coins! 
  • Discover that Durgerdam is eminently strollable – wander along the dyke, soaking up the briny air and reed-dotted water’s edge. Admire the landmark, onion-turreted church and the plenitude of ‘tuinparks’ which is how we describe our communal garden parks. See the uniqueness everywhere including the saxophone repair shop named Amsterdam Winds. 
  • Perhaps because of a legacy of strong maritime DNA, many inhabitants of Durgerdam love to spend time on the water. Visit Durgerdam’s harbour (which you many have arrived at if you came by boat from Amsterdam) or see the wealth of boats and yachts bobbing in the marina. The private sailing club is where our yachting elite hang out. 
  • The IJmeer lake is one of the main draws of coming to De Durgerdam, and it’s why we angled many of our rooms and our terrace to make the most of this water world. But on a sunny day, why not take a dip? You’ll see many locals do the same – the best way to warm up is to sunbathe on the wooden jetties afterwards. 
  • For the eco-friendly option, ride one of our (electric) bikes to Holysloot and rent an electric boat to pootle around the islands and villages of Waterland including Monnickendam, Watergang, Zuiderwoude, and Uitdam spotting lighthouses, churches, windmills, cows and much more on this tranquil exploration of IJmeer and beyond. 
  • For a taste of Durgerdam, make your way to Het Schoolhuis, a wholesome spot for coffee, cake or a light lunch, set in an old schoolhouse. With a lovely view towards the Uiterdammerdijk, the sunny terrace is a pleasant spot to relax. Do not think about leaving before you’ve sampled the apple cake!
  • The scenic, flat landscapes make jumping on a bike a great way to experience local life at your own speed. With pathways that to seem to float above the water, feel the wind in your hair as you encounter everyday life, rural scenes, traditional villages and places to stop for a craft beer or light lunch. An hour’s gentle ride brings you to Marken, a traditional fishing village characterised by wooden stilted houses.