Durgerdam Route

Whether it’s the enchanting lake views, its lingering maritime legacy or the line of charming clapboard houses, De Durgerdam and its quirky surroundings offer plenty to enjoy during a 6km walk or 12km bike ride (or run if you are up for the challenge).

The Route 

  • Melktap en boerderij winkel: Stop here to tap some fresh milk or get some delicious, seasonal fruit for on the way. You won’t find anything fresher!
  • Ransdorp: A village frequented by Rembrandt as it was the workplace of his lover, Geertje Dircx. He even sketched the Ransdorp church! When the church is open (mostly on weekends), you can clim up tin the tower that he sketched. 
  • Holysloot: A picturesque fishing village. Stop here for an apple pie at Het Schoolhuis or rent one of their lake boats at Holyboot.

Bike Route

Walking Route

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