North Route

You might already know of Amsterdam Noord, a short boat, bike, walk or drive from De Durgerdam. This 21km route shows you the industrial side of Amsterdam and off the beaten track gems like the Vliegenbos and Schellingwoude church. In addition to sights, Amsterdam North offers great places to stop for drinks and bites. Don’t worry, these are included in the route!

  • Schellingwoude church: Built on a terp behind the dyke, this church dates back to 1866, together with its original bandstand. A common wedding location for Amsterdammers.
  • Vliegenbos: One of the most bio-diverse forests in the country. From elms, to woodpeckers, to mushrooms, the vliegenbos is managed as naturally as possible, and no matter the season, it is full of surprises. 
  • FC Hyena: A boutique cinema and restaurant located on the banks of the IJ and the beginning of the industrial side of Amsterdam North.
  • A’DAM Lookout: Located at the top of the A’DAM tower is the observation deck with a panoramic view of Amsterdam and the highest swing in Europe for those who dare.
  • Van der Pekmarkt: On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays stop at this bustling market for second-hand curiosities, freshly made food and live music. 
  • De Ceuvel: A former shipyard is now home to a sustainable urban development perfect for al fresco beers, coffee, veggie lunch and funky artworks.
  • NDSM-werf area: An enormous cultural hotspot and a vibrant artist community where tou can enjoy live performances and events, a nearby street art museum and many bars and restaurants in an industrial setting. 

Bike Route

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