Hinterlands Route

The scenic, flat landscapes make jumping on a bike a great way to experience local life at your own speed. So flat, that the whole route is under sea level! Our Hinterlands route takes you through serene trails surrounded by nature, all the way to Monnickedam. Perfect for a 36km outdoor exercise.

  • Holysloot: A picturesque fishing village. Stop here for an apple pie at Het Schoolhuis or rent one of their lake boats at Holyboot.
  • Zuiderwoude: The oldest village in the area where you can enjoy the vast grassland and meadow birds. Or make a quick pitstop at the tea house to enjoy Dutch hospitality with a cup of tea. 
  • Monnickendam: A port village founded by Monks (Monk’s Dam), which is now a beautiful marina for traditional Dutch sailing vessels that feels like an open-air museum, with old houses, cobbled streets and beautiful architectural details.
  • Broek in Waterland: Rumor has it there is a treasure in the waters of this once, (very rich) harbor. But you don’t need to jump in the water to see its richness, its beautiful houses and gardens are well kept and a beautiful view. 

Bike Route

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